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Powerful Leadership In Action

Are thorny problems drawing your full attention from your Cause? We can assist you & your team to deal with these issues & get back to the main game.

Powerful Leadership In Action

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Your Cause demands and deserves your full attention. But the reality is that on occasions seemingly intractable issues arise that are so perplexing and distracting that we may even lose sleep at night over them. Situations such as these are not only alarming from the viewpoint of you and your teams health and welfare BUT ALSO the main event – your organisations mission or cause - runs the risk of becoming a side show for your attention!

If you can relate to this scenario at the moment it is important to understand that you don’t have to deal with it alone!

Einstein is credited with saying that “No problem was ever resolved with the same level of consciousness that created it”. One of your key roles is to bring new consciousness to your organisation, new ways of thinking, problem solving, innovating and developing more shared leadership in your organisation.

Using an approach we have developed called Powerful Leadership in Action to think through with you, (and possibly others in your organisation who have a contribution to make) ways to tackle complex issues that can’t be resolved unless new thinking is applied to them. Our experience is that new thinking, new insights, new ways forward, new states of alignment will be generated, sometimes with only a small amount of input from us.

Each Powerful Leadership in Action process is purpose built for your situation, based on a simple framework that we have successfully used many times in many situations and typically leads to great outcomes developed, designed and delivered by you and through your team. As you work with us you will be able to see how the Powerful Leadership in Action approach works and use it in your day to day leadership when we are not with you.

One of our Associates, Ian Sampson, an experienced leader and facilitator talks about how the process works in the short clip below.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Here is what some others have said about our Powerful Leadership in Action approach:

"Making sense of a complex future is always difficult. This session has really helped sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and organize options for decision making. It has been a very interesting, non-threatening process that has really made me think but it has also been a practical and insightful exercise."

(Executive Director of Commonwealth Government Statutory Corporation)

“We asked Ian to design and facilitate a two day strategy meeting with senior health staff. Our aim was to have this distributed group work together and develop a Resilient Employee strategy. During the conversations that Ian guided many parallel activities were connected and a number of exciting new initiatives were developed to build an overall coherent plan.  On the second afternoon of the meeting the whole group made a presentation to executives to inform them of the new ways they were going to add value to our business, this was very well received. Since the meeting the plan is being deployed and clear business value is being delivered."

(Executive General Manager of a large mining and engineering company)

"Ian Sampson has been an invaluable contributor to the growth, development and achievement of myself as a professional within my industry. He is helping me to develop new ways at looking at my business issues. Through the processes he uses I often see solutions that I would not otherwise have thought of. Ian has educated, encouraged and reinforced within me the ability I have to be a successful, confident entrepreneur.  Through Ian’s constant support, guidance and mentoring I continue to grow and achieve my life’s ambitions. Thank you Ian, for bringing out the best in me as a person and business woman.

(Founder and CEO of two Australia-wide technology companies)