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Leadership change is inevitable and impacts every type of cause-based organisation irrespective of size, location or mission.

Our Janus Leadership Search Program has been designed to guide Boards and CEOs through this period of change in their search for talented leaders who perfectly fit the unique culture and personality of their organisation.

We see leadership change as a time of both CRISIS and OPPORTUNITY which requires  a dual focused approach. And our unique Janus Leadership Search Program provides just that. It is designed to help cause-based organisations experiencing leadership change to calmly deal with any resulting disruption, take advantage of the many opportunities that present themselves and help identify and attract a new leader that can take the organisation to the next level of performance.

The Janus strategy combines organisational review, capacity-building and organisational development with executive search to ensure that your organisation is well positioned for long-term success.

We facilitate a customised process that reduces risks and maximizes the potential for a positive transformational outcome. Our approach encompasses four identifiable phases:


DISCOVERY – From the outset we take a deep dive into your organisation. The more insights you can give us the better. We want to learn as much as we can about you, your Board, organisational culture, management style, leadership team, internal capability, portfolio of programs and current challenges.

PIVOT – Armed with this knowledge, we assist you to prepare the organisation to take advantage of the remarkable opportunity it has to plan the next stage of its development. Mission and goals are revisited and restated and an objective assessment of the organisation’s key strengths and vulnerabilities is conducted. A determination is made in this phase of the type of leadership that will take the organisation where it wishes to go.

QUEST – Involves the execution of the recruitment process to identify, attract, screen and select a new leader – that special person who fits the experience, skill, attitudinal and values profile we have identified as being critical in taking the organisation to the next level.

FLOURISH – During this phase we help position the organisation for success with on-boarding support for the new leader and the board. We help ensure a good beginning with clear goals and agreed evaluation processes.

The result is a future focused relationship between a Senior Executive who perfectly fits the current and future leadership needs of the organisation and a board and staff who are prepared to work with their new leader.

The Janus Program

Having been CEO’s and Board Members within the sector we fully understand the cost pressures experienced by cause-driven organisations. Consequently, we have deliberately structured our organisation to minimise overheads and maximise flexibility.

This has enabled us to offer a fee structure based on our time to deliver the Janus Program.

When preparing our proposal,  we estimate the maximum amount of time we believe we will need to spend of your search and propose a Fee Cap. If we spend less time on the Search than expected, You Win. If we spend more, We Lose!

Experience has shown that Cause & Effective consistently delivers a far more cost-effective outcome than Executive Search competitors that charge on the basis of a percentage of salary.

There are over 600,000 cause-driven organisations in Australia and we recognise that each is uniquely different. So, while our Janus Program follows a basic framework, we work with you to tailor the detail to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Depending upon your requirements we offer the opportunity for the Janus Program to be delivered by an externally based Associate or by one embedded in your organisation as an Interim Executive.


Fee Structure


After the placement, we guarantee our searches for a full year. Should the placed candidate leave for any reason, we will redo the search at no additional fee.

Why “Janus”?

The mythical figure of Janus is the Roman god of gates, doorways and bridges who symbolises the transition from one place, condition or state, to another. Linking the notion of change to the image of doorways between expectation and experience, Janus (for whom the month of January is named) is always depicted with two faces: one face anticipates the future, while the other is simultaneously reflecting on the past - recognising that good beginnings are often founded on good endings.

For us Janus is the perfect symbol for a leadership change - a period that is all about endings, changes and beginnings of various types.

“If managed intentionally and proactively, transitions can serve as pivotal moments, contributing to the long term health and well-being of the organisations in question, as well as the sector as a whole.”

Tom Adams