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If you aspire to leading a group of talented and committed people to solve complex social issues, your opportunity may be here.

Thank you for dropping by.

If this is your first experience of Cause & Effective’s leadership search process, here are some things we would like to share.

Details of some of our current searches are provided below.  If any spark your interest, please review and consider submitting a formal application.

Please note that many of our leadership search assignments are confidential in nature and unable to be advertised and therefore will not feature in our roles below. To be considered for these and future senior leadership roles in a mission-driven organisation, please apply to join our Cause Leadership Community.

The quality of your experience with our process is important to both us and our clients. Should you decide to lodge an application, we will keep the process as transparent as possible and have honest and clear conversations with you at appropriate times. We’ve been in your shoes, we know how it feels.

Whether this opportunity to work together results in a new role for you or not, let’s stay in touch. We are pleased to meet and value an ongoing working relationship with you.

Best wishes

The Cause & Effective Team