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If you aspire to leading a group of talented and committed people to solve complex social issues, your opportunity may be here.

A Note for Candidates

We only list beyond profit leadership opportunities offered by organisations that are undertaking our Janus CEO Transition Program.

This is your guarantee that the Board of the organisation listing the vacancy:

Included here are brief descriptions of our current searches. Please read each carefully. Most of our clients have their own web sites which you should also review before contacting us.

If you are interested in applying in confidence for any of these positions, note the “How to Apply” instructions as they may vary from position to position in line with our client’s instructions.

The listed searches are all at different stages and we do all we can to advise candidates of the current status of each. Please direct all enquiries to the email address on each listing.

We appreciate that this process can at times be frustrating and due to various circumstances may stretch over several months. Be assured we will do all we can to expedite an appointment and we will contact you if we need more information to progress your application.

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